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Coming from all corners of the music world, WILDSIDE are experienced, professional and ready for your show!

WILDSIDE perform as either a 3 or 4 piece party band according to the size of the show and the client's needs.



Sabz is best known for her performances as the lead singer of international touring band Back To Back. She spent more than 5 consecutive years on the road performing full time touring contracts with five star international hotels such as the Hilton, InterContinental and Sheraton hotels in the far away lands and cities of Osaka, Japan, Dubai, Germany, Doha, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and more.

After completing her touring obligations which included performing 6 nights per week and 4 sets per night for a total of over 1500+ live shows, she's now back in Australia and continues to dazzle audiences with her stunning vocals and party attitude in various bands around the country, most predominantly in the party band sensation WILDSIDE.


Adz met Sabz at a recording studio in Frankfurt, Germany while in between touring contracts and the rest, as they say, is history. Adz has a record deal already in the pocket and is distributed worldwide on AOR Heaven Records. Having toured with various bands across the globe, including Europe, Asia and the Middle East, he brings a wealth of guitar slinging experience to the WILDSIDE line-up.

Most predominantly, you will see him sharing lead vocals with Sabz, especially on the fast-paced classic rock hits and 80s party tracks. Ever the showman and the joker, the only place he takes himself somewhat seriously is when he's onstage with WILDSIDE.


A fixture on the SA music scene, Paul fills in at our 4-man shows. He was the brainchild behind such bands as Lock & Load, Takin' 5, and Pink Torpedo. In addition to various independent album releases such as "Mr Computer" and "The Jacques Miehoff Quartet", he can be found around many Adelaide venues in a Cold Chisel tribute band.

Truly the face behind the bass, his thunderfingers bass lines and powerhouse vocals provide the backbone to WILDSIDE's kickin' rhythm section, and his larger than life stage presence is not to be missed.



Achieving legendary status through long-term membership in Adelaide bands such as Rock City and Popkorn, Pete has mad skillz in many different genres including rock, jazz, pop and metal as well as being an accomplished singer.

Known as the Meat Behind The Beat, his talent behind the skins ensures that watching this virtuoso sticksman is a joy to behold. Shining on classic hits from the 70s through to today's current top 40 hits, his thunderkick bass drum in combination with his feel for rhythmic virtuosity ensures the most solid spine of any band nationwide. 

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